As of March 2008, Milltron Electric now offers a solution to Bin Level Monitoring.  The MBM System measures and records bin levels in real time and can display the readings on a HMI (Human Machine Interface), digital line display, computer screen, and on the Milltron Electric website using a secure client login username and password.  Other display options may be available.

This simple and cost effective solution to bin level monitoring is perfect for notifying trucking companies of real time bin levels through Milltron Electric’s website.  Bin levels are updated every six minutes and a daily history graph is available for up to a year.  Longer history may be available upon request. 

Bin level monitoring can be used for solid and liquid monitoring and in a variety of types of bins. Please Contact Us to find out if the MBM System is right for you.

Typical Installation Of Bin Level Sensor For Sawdust/Shavings Bin Application 

Typical Display of Current Bin Level Monitoring and Bin History