The Arc Flash is nothing new.  Arc flash burn injuries and deaths are caused each year by arc-flash explosions. Arc flashes present numerous dangers to electrical workers due to the extremely intense high-level heat generated in an arc flash and the pressure wave from an arc blast incident.  Having an understanding of an arc flash and the incident energy it produces, gives us better understanding of the harm that can result to workers.

What Can Milltron Electric Inc. Do For You?

Milltron Electric Inc. would visit the customer’s site and perform a detailed Arc Flash Hazard Analysis as per the CSA standard Z462.
A detailed report showing Arc Flash energy points in the system is provided with recommendations for limiting energy levels. Arc Flash Labels are provided specific to each piece of equipment.

Typical Label Shown to Left. 

An Arc Flash Label will show the worker the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to wear along with incident energy and other valuable information regarding the equipment.

Note:  Here are a few arc flash burn photos of typical injuries. Severe arc flash burns can cause a slow, painful death, but even when they aren't fatal, they can do severe damage. Hot gases can injure lungs and impair breathing. Even curable burns can result in painful skin and tissue injury that can take weeks or months to heal.

Thermal contact burn on a man's legs caused by clothing catching on fire where electric current exited his body

Is That All, Just a Label?

NO.  The Arc Flash Hazard Analysis goes hand in hand with a “Device Co-ordination Study”.  Often times, fuses, Circuit Breakers, and other protective devices are oversized or have settings that can be changed safely to lower Arc Flash Ratings to a more practical level.   Milltron Electric Inc. can work with the customer to bring these levels to safer ratings without compromising production and/or producing “false trips”.

Wait There’s More…  

Milltron Electric Inc. can also work with the customer to help incorporate Arc Flash Safety procedures and documentation.

Milltron Electric Inc. also offers a wide range of services to our customers such as complete electrical installations, CSA certified panel shop, custom design PLC control packages, project management services, lighting system and design, electrical power surveys, overload & holiday assistance, electrical drawings, and more.  To learn more of what Milltron Electric Inc. can do for you please contact us.